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Bosses and employees agree: Communication is a major problem and the other person needs to change.

There is no shortage of communication, but most of it is noise. PJ Sawvel uses her expertise as an award-winning communicator to help you cut through the static so you can create conversations that unite and ignite your team to action.  The resulting oneness increases morale, improves productivity, and positively impacts profits.

P J’s trademark “Cope, Control, Connect” techniques  help you focus on your intention, your message, and your audience, empowering  you to QUICKLY turn your words into vehicles that deliver results.

Spotlighting common traps and snares, PJ provides keys to unleash the persuasive communicator in all of us. Creating a fun, engaging, and interactive setting, P J’s programs appeal to all learning styles. You’ll complete the session owning the tools, knowing how to use them, and most importantly, desiring to get started now.

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"PJ's program was awesome. She kept our officers fully engaged and upon our recommendation, she will be presenting at our State Conference."-- Lt. Sellars, Supervisor

"Patty Jo (PJ) engaged EVERYONE. After the program we felt empowered." -- Pat, Event Planner

"When she got my naysayer, I knew she'd gotten everyone else." -- Dr. Tim, principal

PJ SAWVEL | Award winning writer

Over 90% of people who attend PJ Sawvel’s communication-focused keynotes and workshops report making a change within three days, when randomly polled.